Emergency Loan Download Form

This is a cash loan provided within a maximum of 72 hours to meet an unexpected or immediate expenses. How does it work? To qualify for an Infinity Capital Emergency Loan you must: Be currently employed by a reputable company for not less than 6 months and earn a regular income or salary Be at least 18 years old Have a valid national photo I.D Reside or work in the Greater Accra Region Have an active bank account which is operation for not less than 6 months Have two references Have a disposable monthly income of at least GH? 200 (Disposal income means your net salary minus any other obligations such as household expenses, other recurring expenditures,etc)

If you qualify; Download the emergency loan application form on our website OR Fill out the contact me now form for an assigned officer to contact you to fill out the emergency loan application form OR Call us or walk into our office to fill out the emergency loan application form I have filled out the emergency loan form and submitted it, what next? A confirmation of Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd receipt of your emergency loan application will be communicated to you through a phone call, sms text or email after submitting your filled out emergency loan form.

Take the following documents to our office or our assigned officers Your valid original national photo I.D Your original current pay slip or any other original document showing proof of employment and income/salary A 3months to 6 months original bank statement on your salary or income account Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd will verify the authenticity of yours documents and information presented and communicate an approved loan amount or otherwise a decline of your loan request to you within some few hours after the receipt of your documents You complete the direct debit mandate , loan agreement and or issue cheques Your money is then disbursed to you within some few minutes up to a maximum of 72 hours.

Some of your concerns answered: How is the money or loan given? Through cheque, bank accounts or MTN mobile money (you have to be the registered user) How long will it take to get the loan? It can take some few minutes after the receipt and verification of your original documents up to a maximum of 48 hours for loan disbursed through cheque or mobile money and up to a maximum of 72 hours for loan disbursed into bank accounts. When and how do I repay the loan? If the loan is disbursed to you within the 1st to the 10th of the month, then you will repay the loan on your next immediate salary/income receipt date usually at the end of the month. Loan disbursed after the 10th of the month shall be repaid in the following month at the end of the month or salary/income receipt date.

Loan repayment is taken directly from your bank account you provided on the Direct Debit Mandate by your bank to us on the loan due date. What if I’m late with repayment? Do well to call us to let us know your situation. However you will be charged penalty fee, your delinquency may be sent to credit bureaus which may affect your credit history and Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd reserves the right to initiate a legal suit against you to recover the loan outstanding. What amount can I get? You can get anywhere from GH? 100 to GH?600. The actual approved amount will be determined by Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd based on your information and our credit appraisal practices. Why should I apply for Infinity Capital Emergency Loan? You have quick cash to pay for your immediate expense or needs Our loan process is easy and quick Our loan requirements are easy and flexible No guarantors are needed to apply for this loan No hidden fees and charges You have peace of mind We pray for you to succeed in whatever you do